Our Purpose

We have an opportunity.

An opportunity to create a new narrative. One that ensures social justice, environmental protection and collective responsibility are at the heart of political debate in this country.

It means building and enhancing relationships across all areas of society; to link-up with common causes and support each other in the interest and benefit of everyone.

The mainstream media has its advantages, but we can do better.

Heavy Metal Politics was created for one purpose: to provide a place for the positive and determined voices often missed in the mainstream. We don’t do cynicism. We don’t do apathy.

We want to inspire passion, motivation and hope in a world devoid of these necessities.

We are not affiliated to any political Party, but believe the best way to achieve these aims is through the Labour Party; revitalised under Jeremy Corbyn.

We are a Labour-focused, Labour-supporting site – with the aim of ensuring a Labour victory in 2020.

But to reject the energy, commitment and passion of the Left as a whole would be a mistake.

We believe the Left is best when it reaches-out and works together.

The idea of a “Progressive Alliance” – outlined by the Green Party – is a good way to start; but we want more: a Progressive Alliance not just of political Parties; but of grassroots movements and individuals.

In the re-election of Jeremy Corbyn, Momentum led the way for a new style of politics.

This style believes our resources are greatest when together. Most effective when fueled by positivity. And most inclusive when respecting individuality, creativity and the ideas of everybody.

Everyone is important. Everyone deserves a voice. “Everyone” is the purpose of Heavy Metal Politics.

For more information, media enquiries or submissions, please contact us via heavymetalpolitics@hotmail.com, or via social media (links to the side).

We would love to hear from you.

In solidarity and peace,