Owen Smith, £200 billion

The Owen 2016 campaign has made an announcement: a “new £50 million fund for every council in Britain to access,” eradicating homelessness.

This £50 million is the latest in a long line of uncosted proposals from the Owen 2016 campaign.

His £200 billion “British New Deal” is now supposed to fund schools, hospitals, housing, transport networks, “Sure Start,” boost council finances and a plethora of other pick and mix polices from the 2016 campaign.

This “British New Deal” has allowed Smith to skip accountability on every question with one simple answer: “£200 billion.”

“How would you solve the refugee crisis?”

“£200 billion.”

“How would you solve our housing crisis?”

“£200 billion.”


“£200 billion.”

Pretty soon, this £200 billion ceases to exist.

Not only this, but the “New Deal” would run across the whole Parliament, equaling a paltry £40 billion per year. Does this sound like enough to “Rebuild Britain”?

A better solution would be to launch a £500 billion investment bank, allowing full-control of not only 2.5 times as much capital but to be delivered through a regional banking system accountable to local communities; prioritising crises relevant to the areas in which we live. This is Corbyn’s policy.

However, let’s look at Smith’s proposal a little closer.

180,000 applications are made for “homeless assistance” each year, with around half this number accepted for council support.

Owen’s £50 million would fund an estimated £550 each year, for each person accepted “homeless” by their local authority. If Owen was to ensure everyone who applied for homeless support received it then the fund would provide just over £200 per person, i.e., one week in a bed and breakfast.

This is a scandal.

The truth is that Smith’s £50 million homeless fund – like his £200 billion “New Deal” – is nothing more than a practical joke on our most vulnerable.

Paying lip-service to causes Corbyn has championed for over 30 years in Parliament is no way to win an election.

This “Punch & Judy” politics of the Smith campaign has caused Labour to take unprecedented steps; barring members, supporters and affiliates from voting.

Indeed, Owen’s doing such a bad job that Party officials feel the only way to win is to purge hundreds of thousands of voters.

The Left has maintained its focus attacking Smith’s character (and for good reason).

But now is the time to start attacking his policies.

Smith’s proposals are not interrogated. Corbyn sits on the floor for an hour and the world ends. Smith promises to “Rebuild Britain” with a 6% increase in central government spending, and he’s “competent.”

No more.

We need to make a concerted effort to win-back members, supporters and affiliates who have been duped into believing Smith offers concrete leadership and achievable policies.

Smith has run his whole campaign on a fantasy-budget of just 1/17th of public expenditure. This isn’t fantasy-football. It’s real-life.

Labour members supporting Smith are our friends, family and comrades. We need to ensure we are reaching-out to them, making the argument for a Labour government led by Jeremy Corbyn.

Like the anti-austerity platform Corbyn has forced into the political mainstream; why settle for Jeremy-lite when we could have Jeremy?

This election is about more than personalities. It’s about who has the radical programme we need for a Labour government. It’s about who is best-placed to serve everyone in our country – regardless of race, background or social status.

Jeremy offers a Party for all because he wants a government for all.

“United, we are very effective.”

It’s our job to show our Party, the media, the Tories, just how united – and just how devastating – we can be when we work together.


Image by HPOL.

2 thoughts on “Owen Smith, £200 billion

  1. When I first read one of your tweets I felt in this battle for democratic right of choice was not one of your main principles. However on perusing this article I find that you are aware of the total recklessness of those elected to the NEC in their endeavours to rid your party of true socialism. Your anyalis is frightingly accurate of the consequences of electing someone so devoid of reality. This report should be a must read for anyone debating “who to vote for”


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