Labour Purge – Chase Your Ballot

A Labour source has confirmed “a few thousand” votes have now been culled in the Party’s second leadership “purge.”

Figures of either “tens of thousands” or “hundreds of thousands” are total figures and include post-January members.

Members receiving letters suspending them from the Party have a right to appeal.

If you have received a letter of suspension, please contact

One member, who has not yet received their ballot, has been assured they will; receiving this e-mail from Labour’s “Membership and Communications Unit.”

Purge reinstatement
E-mail received by Labour member, confirming their right to vote by re-issuing ballot.

Although this e-mail refers to the recent NEC elections, it does seem possible to chase your ballot. Electoral Reform administered the NEC elections; they are also administering the leadership election.

This is the first evidence we’ve seen of a successful challenge by a Party member.

If you have not received your ballot, please follow-suit and e-mail

13 thoughts on “Labour Purge – Chase Your Ballot

  1. My suspension letter did not mention right of appeal, but I sent an email appeal straight back to Labour membership applications address. Are you saying that Electoral Reform Services as outside organisation can help people who are suspended by Labour Party get their vote?


    1. ERS are administering election – so contacting them might be a good option if you’re not getting any joy.


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