Labour NEC: Victory – Corbyn-Style

Fresh off the back of a second High Court triumph; Corbyn cruised home to another thumping victory via Labour’s NEC nominees.

“Smashing onto the back of her heels?” Try smashing off the wheels. This was winning. Corbyn-style.

Labour’s NEC election results – 08/08/16. Labour Party website.

A clean-sweep of all six open positions on Labour’s National Executive Committee is the clearest indicator yet that Corbyn is on-course for the smoothest of leadership defences.

Despite Labour HQ’s best efforts to disqualify voters (for which they’d been legally-defeated just hours earlier), Corbyn supporters broke the Labour Party machine for the second time in 11 months.

The Labour NEC elections had often failed to capture the imagination spent on the upcoming leadership election; but make no mistake: this election was just as important.

Jeremy will benefit from an NEC that now largely benefits Labour members and supporters. The devolving of power from Labour HQ to the membership is quickly becoming a reality. “Labour” is now one step away from regaining complete control of the Party – and Owen Smith is worried.

The £25 supporter fees, the “no votes for members after 12th January, 2016,” the pro-Trident policy-platform, the suspension of CLP meetings, the trawling through social media for “abuse;” these were all issues that were either issued directly or preventable by Labour HQ, for which the NEC is a significant piece.

Blairite Luke Akehurst finished fourth-bottom. Eddie Izzard – who must have thought he had some chance – finished eighth. This was yet another in a long-line of unexpected victories.

But it’s time to start expecting. Expecting to win. Expecting to succeed. Expecting to overcome our opponents.

The Labour Party machine is well and truly broken, and we have broken it. All of us. Together.

So let’s go on winning. And let’s win the next election for Labour Party leader.

Time to celebrate.


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