Jeremy Corbyn – Serial Winner

Things are getting desperate. Following the High Court’s decision to allow previously-disqualified members to vote; Labour has hit-back, threatening appeal.

British politics has never sunk this deep.

What should be a cause for celebration has become a source of despair.

Having issued a body-blow to the Smith campaign, Corbyn is finding out who his real enemies are: the Party he represents.

Under the High Court’s ruling, all previously-disenfranchised members will have their voting rights reinstated; giving Corbyn a huge boost in the leadership election.

Sky Bet leadership odds, 20 minutes after first Labour Leadership debate, 04/08/16.
Sky Bet leadership odds, 2:30pm, 08/08/16.

A 60% boost for Corbyn; a 30% drop for Smith. A successful appeal by Iain McNicol looks unlikely.

Yet, for many, the significance of today’s High Court battle remains overlooked: this was his second High Court victory in the space of two weeks.


Not only was this a successful battle on behalf of Labour members; it’s part of a much wider narrative of success: a narrative where Jeremy – contrary to reports – keeps on winning.

Eight general elections, 4 by-elections, 4 mayoral elections, 83% CLP nominations (as-of 06/08/16), maintaining council majorities, tripling membership and winning two High Court legal battles is not the record of a loser. This is the record of a serial winner. Jeremy can’t – and he won’t – stop.

But some refuse to be happy.

(a small – and combined – sample of anti-Corbyn comments on @timjohnston_89 timeline).

Accusations of being incapable of winning have hounded Jeremy for the past year.

But these accusations are not accusations of confident, anti-Corbyn protestors. They’re the accusations of people in denial. Running scared. Convinced they’ll lose.

The truth is that Jeremy, his supporters and others are riding a wave of victories that has no end in sight: and they’re not going to waste this opportunity.

Jeremy For Labour campaign via Twitter, here.

When John McDonnell challenged Owen Smith to “join with” Labour members to uphold the court-ruling, he refused, preferring instead to stand-by the following Tweet:

Capture 2
Owen 2016, speaking after High Court ruling.

The Owen 2016 campaign has become heavily-reliant on personal attacks, misinformation and unconvincing policy proposals.

Attempts to save-face are continued. A foreboding sense of inevitability is forced. And the arrogance of a man who cares more about the PLP than the membership can still utter the following words:


Sorry, Owen.

Ain’t gonna’ happen.

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