Exclusive: Owen 2016 Campaign using polling company Survation

Heavy Metal Politics can reveal the “Owen 2016” campaign is using the headquarters of polling company, “Survation Ltd.”, to administer its London phone-banks.

Image combined. Sources: Owen2016.com and UKCompanyDB.com

Survation was recently involved in “recruiting” a “balanced” audience for Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, for a Q&A on Brexit, hosted by Sky News.

@Survation Twitter time-line, captured 05/08/16

Survation was also embroiled in a controversial poll for “The Sun” newspaper.

survation 2
@Survation Twitter time-line, captured 05/08/16. Link to full article here

We contacted Owen 2016 for a comment on two occasions and have not received a response.

Survation has told us they are “unable to comment” on any arrangement with Owen 2016. All agreements are “confidential” and would need permission from the client before releasing details.

However, a source from the Jeremy for Labour campaign has confirmed that Owen Smith is, indeed, using Survation’s resources to help run his campaign.

The Owen 2016 campaign has carried-out its own polling on two occasions; claiming to reveal a clear-lead over Jeremy Corbyn.

Having refused to release details of these polls, the companies used are still unknown; although HPOL can confirm Ipsos MORI was not involved.

Polling company
Ben Page, Ipsos MORI, confiming company not involved in private polling for Owen 2016.

When we asked Survation if it had conducted any polling for Owen 2016, Director of Research, Marius Mosoreanu, told us “as far as he was aware,” this was not the case.

Despite the almost-certain use of Survation resources to conduct Owen 2016 campaign activities, Survation will be “working with” Sky “to ensure a representative audience” in the upcoming leadership debate.

Sky debate form
First page of application form to be a member of audience in upcoming leadership debate, 14th September, 2016.

5 thoughts on “Exclusive: Owen 2016 Campaign using polling company Survation

  1. An interesting article, thanks for bringing it to our attention. The thing to remember about polls is that they are there to influence not measure public opinion. At least according to George Galloway, so always tell people that when they use them as propaganda, or worse start believing it. Retweeting now!


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